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Meet Bec

Bec and her daughter

Hello I’m Bec, I am the face (and feet) behind Barefoot Birth. I am a mother and I have been completely and utterly transformed by my amazing birthing experience...

I grew up with a deep respect and fascination for nature. Something which will never leave me and continues to inspire me. This love led me to an extensive and fulfilling career working with and caring for animals. Throughout my time working closely alongside the animal kingdom, I was fortunate to witness many of their births and many animals in my care become mothers, many for the first time. The last animal birth I attended was the birth of a Giraffe, not the first time I had done this, but this birth created a shift in me. I took everything in this time. I didn’t just observe this birth, I held space for this mother and I learned. I watched her rhythm, her breath, her movement, her knowingness. Her birth was gentle, calm and graceful and her mothering was just as peaceful. I didn’t realise it at the time, but my own journey to motherhood would begin only months later, and I would reflect on this birth many times and be inspired by it for the birth of my own little baby.

‘‘Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions,
your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life’ Ina May Gaskin

During my pregnancy I discovered and learned HypnoBirthing®, both my husband and I were mentally, physically and spiritually prepared for birth because of this course and looked forward to it with joy. My birthing day was the most incredible, enjoyable and empowering moment of my life and I not only wanted to shout from the treetops about how amazing it was and how powerful I felt, I wanted all women to know and share in the wisdom that had come to me through giving birth. A wisdom I had all along, as all mother’s do.

I decided I needed to reach out to other women and share the positivity and beauty of birth and motherhood. I wanted to help women awaken this innate wisdom I had discovered. I believe that connecting to and navigating parenthood with confidence, calm and clarity will have a positive impact on our world. My work now is built on the philosophy that peace on earth begins with birth.

I became accredited to teach HypnoBirthing® in 2015 so I could encourage women and couples to embrace their birth wholeheartedly and realise the full and transformative potential of positive childbirth. I went on to certify in HypnoMothering™ in 2017. I want to see Mother’s thrive and motherhood enjoyed, celebrated and cherished.

I am forever drawing on my experience with animals to help women understand the instinctive capabilities of their birthing bodies reconnect and reclaim their birthing rites and to support them on their way to a positive experience throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. I want women to know that birth is intrinsic and they already have all they need to bring their babies into the world – and this is why Barefoot Birth was born.

‘when you teach what you love and share what you know, you open eyes, minds, hearts and souls to unexplained worlds’

I am available to connect to the women, mother’s and couples of Perth, Western Australia who are ready to confidently leap into parenthood with joy, wonder and excitement!

I believe in you and I look forward to walking beside you on this most precious of life journeys.

Bec X