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Frequently Asked Questions About HypnoMothering™

How will HypnoMothering benefit me?
Rapid Relaxation: HypnoMothering provides easy to learn techniques to quickly relax mums body while creating mindfulness and balance.

Positive Emotional Resources: Quick techniques allow mothers to tap into positive emotions even on difficult days.

Sleep: Whether you have five minutes or five hours to catch some rest, HypnoMothering helps your mind and body make the most of the time you have and sleep you get.

Connection to Baby: HypnoMothering helps a mother tune in to her baby and her own natural instincts.

And so much more!

It sounds a bit weird, I’m not sure it is for me...
Don’t let the word Hypnosis put you off. It is a safe, natural state of selective and focused attention. A simple way of bringing your body and mind into a deep state of relaxation. In this relaxed state we can access thoughts, talents and experiences which aren’t usually available to us. It is a normal every day function you experience all the time – you may just not realise it and I cannot wait to teach you about it.

Is it more than just self-hypnosis/relaxation techniques?
Yes. A HypnoMothering class provides insight and encouragement for every mum at any point on her mothering journey. HypnoMothering aims to equip each mum to clarify her basic needs during baby’s early months, and feel empowered to create her optimum support system. The class explores social and cultural pressures around mothering, and invites each mother to balance the information overflow while acting confidently on her own mothering instincts. If taken in a group setting you will benefit from the connection you make with other mamas, sharing stories and discussions can really help especially if you are feeling alone, isolate or like you are the only one in your situation.

Do I have to have any previous HypnoBirthing experience?
Nope. This class is open to Mamas everywhere. There is no need for any prior learning or experiences; you just have to be a Mama who wants to be functioning at her best.

Why is this course just for Mums – why isn’t it HypnoParenting?
It is true in this day and age that Dad’s take on great nurturing, supporting and often equal roles in parenthood, the thing that isn’t equal is society’s expectations of their involvement and ability to thrive and exult at parenting. When a Dad takes on his parenting role he is applauded and cheered, while a mum doing the same thing goes unnoticed. A Mother is just expected to be on top of her game ALL THE TIME no matter what. And all the while she is getting mixed messages, opinions, comparisons, judgement, guilt and all while simultaneously dealing with the physical and emotional changes that come with motherhood. So this one is just for you Mama.

Can I bring along other Mum friends?
Absolutely yes! The connectivity and support you receive from likeminded women is like nothing else. It is so vitally important that we understand each other and lift each other up. I want you to join my tribe and celebrate motherhood with me! Plus you get a bigger discount the more Mamas you bring with you – winning!

Do I take this class when pregnant or after I have my baby?
Either! There are slightly different delivery methods for this class. Originally, HypnoMothering was created for pregnancy, to prepare women for a gentle transition into Motherhood. Providing a space to map out a course to ease to the adjustments motherhood brings. The skills you will learn taking this class during your pregnancy will be so important to help you thrive in your postpartum period and beyond, plus everything you receive from the course will be available to you as soon as baby is born.

As a mother already, you will really appreciate and understand the importance of this class and benefit greatly. You will already be in the throes of motherhood and already experiencing some of the things we talk about. You will be able to adapt your new skills immediately to find balance and energy throughout the early years of motherhood. You will also have the opportunity to connect with fellow Mums and appreciate the individual journey every mother is on, as well as encourage and support each other when you experience similarities.

Can I bring my baby/child to my HypnoMothering session?
The class runs for 2-3 hours and would be more beneficial in that time if you were on your own. You will get the most out of it if you can completely relax and let go with me and focus on what you are hoping to gain from the experience. The few hours you spend with me will set you up for a lifetime of confident mothering. It is also a beautiful way to take time out for you that will benefit your whole family. We can accommodate a break for breast feeding or anything else if someone else is caring for your baby at that time.