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Frequently Asked Questions about HypnoBirthing®

When should I start my HypnoBirthing course?
The choice is yours – you can begin at any time. My normal recommendation would be to start your course between 18 and 28 weeks. Commencing earlier in your pregnancy gives you more time to practice the techniques I will teach you and gain insight into the birthing journey. It is never too late however, so if you have only just discovered the wonder of HypnoBirthing, connect with me so we can arrange to fully prepare you before your birthing day!

Is my partner able to come along to the classes too?
Absolutely! The HypnoBirthing course is designed to give partners a pivotal role on the birthing day. HypnoBirthing will teach them all the techniques and tools they need to assist you during this time. Your partner will get so much out of this course and your relationship will blossom!

We are a FIFO Family – what does this mean for the course timeline?
FIFO families are common in Perth and I most certainly can cater for them. Connect with me as soon as possible so we can make a plan that suits your family's schedule.

HypnoBirthing sounds weird, I am not sure it is for me...
Don’t let the word Hypnosis put you off. Hypnosis in childbirth is simply a way of bringing your body and mind into a deep state of relaxation so that your body is free to do exactly what it needs to do to bring your baby into the world. It is a normal every day function you experience all the time – you may just not realise it and I cannot wait to teach you about it.

Is HypnoBirthing backed up by research and scientific evidence?
It sure is! In addition to an abundance of evidence supporting the use of hypnosis for birth, in 2006 a specific study compared over one thousand births of HypnoBirthing® women to the national average. It determined that HypnoBirthing® mums experienced fewer medical interventions, including fewer caesarean births, less pain medication, and fewer incidence of artificial induction of labour and artificial augmentation of labour. HypnoBirthing® mothers also had fewer incidence of preterm labour and low birth weight babies.

Do I have to be planning a homebirth to attend? I intend to birth in a hospital...
HypnoBirthing was never designed specifically for those choosing a homebirth and is so worthwhile for all birthing women. HypnoBirthing is extremely beneficial for those birthing in the hospital system. I will provide you with knowledge and an understanding of Perth hospitals and the Australian Maternity Care model, your choices and options in childbirth and how you can avoid unnecessary medical intervention.

I have a fear of childbirth, or have had a previous traumatic birth experience, is HypnoBirthing right for me?
Very much so, as we will release fears that you may be holding onto surrounding birth. This emotional release is essential before your birthing day. We will bring you back to a state of confidence, returning your body and mind to its natural state of calm and preparedness. You will no longer live within the boundaries of a flight or fight response and your mind and body will be able to function efficiently to birth free from fear and tension and therefore with more comfort and ease. Most importantly, your experience and views on birth will change from one of fear to one of joy.

Will I experience pain free child birth with HypnoBirthing?
I cannot promise that your birth will be pain free but I can ensure you that comfortable birthing is possible. Mothers who are calm, relaxed, supported and free from fear have been shown to have shorter more comfortable labours. HypnoBirthing mothers report feelings of pressure or tightening rather than pain. These women avoid the pain that is often spoken of in our socity and that which we are conditioned to believe is the norm by using the techniques they learn to work with their body instead of against it.

I'm worried that I might be disappointed if my birth doesn't go to plan, can you fail at HypnoBirthing?
An important philosophy of mine and that of HypnoBirthing is that you will become prepared for whatever turn your birthing may take. You will learn techniques, tools and skills to remain calm and positive and not feel like an observer in your own birth. You will learn all your options and choices and how to ensure you are included in all decision making. The knowledge you will learn will allow you to feel safe and empowered throughout your journey, regardless of what that looks like. My birth plan guidance session is included in your HypnoBirthing sessions – this is so valuable in terms of your preparation and communication with care providers. I make myself available to you throughout your pregnancy and afterwards. I am always here if you need to discuss or debrief, whether that be after your appointments with your care provider, or to debrief your birth. By simply choosing to learn about HypnoBirthing, you are taking a vital step in being a proactive and loving parent, wanting the best for your baby. You cannot fail at birth, no matter what!

Is HypnoBirthing just used during the labour and birth?
HypnoBirthing techniques are useful throughout your entire pregnancy. You will learn to relax, maintain focus and calm. The effect of a happy content Mother flows on to her baby. The techniques you will learn are great for helping you get to sleep as well. Both parents benefit from learning and using the relaxation techniques and will continue to utilise them throughout life.

Will HypnoBirthing still benefit me if circumstances require medical intervention or a surgical birth?
The preparation you will do during HypnoBirthing allows parents to remain calm, relaxed, focused and in control no matter which direction their birthing journey takes. If due to a genuine special circumstance, your birth takes an unexpected turn – you will have everything you need to enable you to discuss your options and make informed decisions.

Mothers who have required scheduled caesareans for medical reasons report being completely relaxed before, during and after the procedure. Many report that they needed little or no medication after the birth, and that they were able to return to normal functioning in a very short period of time.

How do I know you hold the proper qualifications to teach HypnoBirthing®?
All certified HypnoBirthing® practitioners of the highest standing carry the Gold Seal of Approval on their website, along with a certificate bearing their name and qualification signed by Marie .F. Mongan. This is the only authentic and recognized certification by the HypnoBirthing® Institute.

As a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner, I also undergo annual training and renewal of my certification in order to continue practicing.

Attending an independent Childbirth Education program in person with a trained Practitioner is a proven and recommended benefit to those who have a successful birthing outcome. You deserve a great birth and I can’t wait to help you achieve it!

HypnoBirthing® Gold Seal