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Happy Pregnant Mama

an instinctual journey through birth into motherhood

Be inspired as you prepare for a positive birthing experience, learning skills and techniques to confidently connect to your instincts for a gentle transition into motherhood.

I am here to honour your individual journey to parenthood, helping you to discover a well-kept secret along the way – that birth can be the most beautiful, empowering and exhilarating moment of your life no matter where or how you birth your baby.

Through education, understanding and ongoing support, I am making a positive impact on the parents I work with and the babies they bring into the world.

Let’s get together, I will bring along a toolbox of techniques you can learn, to guide you towards achieving the birth you desire and becoming a strong, capable and conscious parent.

"Let choice murmur in your ear
And love murmur in your heart.
Be ready... here comes life." Maya Angelou